LABHWET (Wetting Agent)

Labhwet is unique surface active adjuvent. It improves the performance of pesticide and insecticide by dissolving it with water.

Normally the droplets of pesticides may not be uniformly spread on the leaves on cover the minimum area. Labhwet helps to reduce the surface tension of water, thus it spreads the entire area of the plants. The solution of labhwet and pesticide, herbicide or insecticide spread out uniformly to penetrate the leaf surface and soil faster.

Dosage : 15 - 20 ml of Labhwet can be mixed with recommended pesticide per tank for application

Stocks available : Various sizes as per reque


Silwett is an organic wetting agent. It contains organic silica. Normally adjuvents are classified in to Anionic, Cationic and Non-ionic. Among these categories, Non ionic is safer to the plants and environment when it is compared to the other ionic items. This can be spread fast and active. Silicon contain in this non ionic spreader is require in a smaller quantity to compare the other items and spread more fast and reaches to the depth of the leaf system. Thus it enable the plant to absorb the pesticide, fungicide, viricide or herbicide and do not wash away even in rain after one hour. And the silica on the leaf will induce the photosynthetic effect to the crop.

Meally (Fish Oil Rosin Soap )

Among several pests that attack grape, pink mealybug, is a very important and serious one. This pest occurs almost throughout the year, particularly in alarming intensity near harvest time of the crop.

Both nymphs and adults of the mealybug suck cell sap from the vegetative parts and barriers. Affected plant parts result in malformed leaves and shoot tips. During the sucking process, they excrete honey dew, which in turn, leads to the development of a sooty mould. Pest management Remove and destroy loose bark. After the removal of bark, swab the trunk and arms with Dichlorvos 30 ml + sticker 15 ml or 20ml of Dichlorvous + 20 gm of fish oil rosin soap by mixed in 10 litres of water


Wediboost is a technologically driven product that contains organic nitrogen, which acts as a spreader .

While it is mix with weedicides, it increases its activity by inducing the contents to reach the roots faster and active. Thus the plant can be enable to free from weeds.

Recdommended dosage : 300 ml per acre (10 tanks)